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TRIO team provides treatment for Orthopedic, Neurological (adult and pediatrics), Women’s Health, Cardio Respiratory and Fitness, Sports Injuries, Geriatric Rehabilitation, etc. TRIO Physiotherapy also provides Aquatic Therapy.


Brief Overview about TRIO Physiotherapy

With a strong commitment to high quality care and professional expertise, TRIO can offer sensible approach to improve your holistic health. Our physiotherapist can provide thorough assessment after listening to your problems. We will work with you to set goals and develop an effective treatment plan taking into account of your lifestyle, general health, leisure activities and expectations. It will include advice on posture, ergonomics, and life style modifications, self-help strategies to prevent and reduce the risk of recurrence of symptoms.

We assess movements and how our patients function within their individual environments. We then aim at fulfilling the goals of the patients which could be as simple as taking the first steps after an injury or as complex as putting them back to higher level activity. We treat patients of all age groups from neonates, teens , adults to geriatrics. The sessions includes detailed history, assessment, and listing of goals. This is then followed up by one to one physiotherapy session that would take about 45 mins to one hour depending on the condition of the patient. We are proud of our patient centered care , the ability to take up each patient as a unique individual and work for its betterment , meeting his/ her expectations.

Our USP’s: Physical Therapy, Aquatic Therapy, Lymphoedema Therapy.

About Us

Dr. Hiral Jain

Dr. Hiral Jain


Dr. Alisha Lodha

Dr. Alisha Lodha

Vice President

Dr. Suraj Shukla

Dr. Suraj Shukla



The word TRIO evolved from three friends who started their journey from bachelors to masters and with the idea of setting up our individual careers, goals and practices. This friendship of eight years turned into professional relationships by the end completion of our masters. We were recognized by all as TRIO even before we decided to work together as a team. The common idea of the three members, of raising the standards of physiotherapy as a whole and sharing out all the knowledge that we have, putting them together as a team , made us form the centres today called TRIO Physiotherapy.


Knowing the differences in the standards of physiotherapy in India and in other parts of the world, we realize the efforts required to grow together in this profession and uplift INDIA to a higher level. Our vision is to provide services that includes not only joint pains and aches but reach out to every possible field that has been left untouched. We aim at providing services to our patients at a level that they can get back to the community and then serve the country in their most efficient way. Our focus has always been and will continue to be to deliver the highest quality of patient care in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.


Combined professional and personal approach by taking time to listen to your problems and concerns. Early prevention and education of patient to effectively aid recovery as soon as possible.


Our team includes Physiotherapist , Assistant physiotherapist, Nutritionist and Dietitians.